I’m Fernando, the founder and main dev/designer behind Prowess Games.

It all started one day, many years ago, in another continent, and (literally) in another century. Back then, I was a kiddo playing games with his cousin in a NES, until we evolved to a Sega Genesis. We would go above and beyond to traverse the most challenging levels and defeat that last boss. With time, I arrived at PC gaming and started playing titles like Age of Empires and Mu Online. And after a bit more time, I was learning programming and hoping to be a game developer.

And now, we are here. I started Prowess Games as part of my journey as a game developer. I want to be fully involved in the games I create, to see the larger picture of their design and growth, and to bring something different to the players.

For now, Prowess Games may be small (to be honest, it is almost a one-man-army), but this is just the start. At some point, we are all Level 1. I invite you to walk this journey with me, as Prowess levels up to accomplish its goal and bring memorable mobile games.

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