Games are everywhere, they are part of us. Whether you are waiting for an appointment, commuting or simply relaxing, videogames will be there. And mobile phones allows to play more than ever.

This is a (hopefully, for now) small indie studio, run mostly by one (plus a half) person. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and formally started our adventures as a game studio in July 2020. We focus on simple, aesthetically pleasing and engaging mobile games. We want to bring new ideas into the table, and give people more ways to express and challenge themselves.


Game On Wherever You Go

We strive to create engaging games that can be played at any time or moment, bringing joy and challenge to a player’s day-to-day.

Focus on Gameplay

Everything we do is based on providing a great gameplay experience, designed first from a user perspective. We want you to have fun, to enjoy our games and your stay.

Respect the Players

We value players’ opinion of us, and aim to earn their trust. Our games are designed to be minimally invasive and provide a smooth gameplay not crowded by ads. You will watch them only if you want to… and we will respect that.

We Hear You!

We seek honest feedback to improve the quality of our work. We want to hear your demands, what you seek on your games and what you want to play.

The Prowess Flavour

We are small but strive to grow and bring new, different concepts and features in our games. We want to imprint the Prowess flavour -what makes our games unique- on everything we do.