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This is a small indie studio, run mostly by one (plus a half) person. We are based in Canberra, Australia, and formally started our adventures as a game studio in July 2020. We focus on simple, aesthetically pleasing and engaging mobile games. We want to bring new ideas into the table, and give people more ways to express and challenge themselves.

Our Games
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Unearthed Stories

Unearthed Stories

Text-Based Interactive Stories –
Quirky Flight

Quirky Flight

Casual Arcade –

Unearthed Stories combines the best aspects of storytelling with an interesting, fun and interactive game that will keep you engaged and entertained all the way through.

Susana Imáginario

Author of Wyrd Gords ~ Unearthed Stories

There is so much soul in this game; the writing, the subtle effects of scene transitions and the hand-drawn artwork - all of it comes together to create a story experience which feels alive. Thank you for sharing you passion!


KoFi Reviewer ~ Unearthed Stories

Well-written, interactive storytelling. All the thrill of a 'choose your own adventure' novel, without trying to hold eight pages open at the same time.

Anna Smith Spark

Author of 'Empires of Dust', and 'A Woman of the Sword' ~ Unearthed Stories

DANCE WITH ME is a thoughtful exploration of many important themes like identity, depression, and abuse.


BookTuber, Reading by the Rainy Mountain ~ Unearthed Stories

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