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Unearthed Stories

Unearth a universe of stories, worlds of fantasy, and realms of science fiction through interactive, text-based stories, each with its own flavour. Would you find magic or alchemy? Would you choose revenge or forgiveness? Which path will you take?

Unearthed Stories offers text-based, interactive, speculative fiction (fantasy and sci-fi) for adult readers – imagine ebooks but with choices.

Read thought-provoking stories with thematic work. You’ll read once, and end up mulling over them for hours. Would you have chosen differently?

This is a library in your hand – each story is standalone and unique, and you’ll find something for almost every mood reader.

And the best thing? We keep unearthing new stories and new chapters periodically!

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What can you find in our interactive stories?

  • Entirely text-based, with no sounds – unleash the power of your imagination.
  • Customise your reading experience – read in white, black, or sepia backgrounds, and tweak your font size, activate or deactivate other effects (like frames or colour rims).
  • Take choices and find your path – some stories include individual and original art, and you can find it through your adventure.
  • Descriptive tags and warnings – each book is descriptively tagged with genre, subgenre and warnings, and those that need it, have a content warning box to read if you want it.
  • Find your story – we are exclusively dedicated to fantasy and science fiction books, from YA to Adult+ readers.
  • The library continues to grow – New content is written and delivered periodically. Our stories are complex, engaging, and will take your mind off this world.

Some of our favourite stories include:

  • Dance With Me. In a world of beauty, a ceramic-made ballerina awakens atop her music box enchanted with elven magic. She dances for her owners, until one day she falls and her ceramic fractures—but the ballerina stands and dances again, until the ballet becomes her sole purpose and jailer. Should the ballet go on? This is a dark fantasy exploring the confines of depression and emotional abuse.

  • Mien. Strezia is in distress, and their nobles request political assistance from The Orders. They send Mien, an untried alchemist from a cohort known as Chimeras. Can Strezia be helped, or is it doomed by its corruption? This is a morally-grey, political-philosophical story set in a fantasy world where the unescapable biases of perception taint all decisions and memories.

  • Restorers. The Cybers are robots tasked to protect, preserve, and restore the physical world around them. They follow specific Values, which narrow their options to ensure compliance. When a new mission arrives, XB-12 must decide whether to perform its duty as a Cyber, or apply its newly acquired will to infer a different path of action. This is a far-future sci-fi story discussing knowledge as an enabler of choice.

  • Herald. The inhabitants of Nol’ireh live at peace, ignoring that the undeads, unrelenting academics with an unlife of education, are plotting something that could threaten the world’s stability. A flawless, purrfect grey-furred feline working as a Herald for Nol’ireh’s Council, is tasked to stay undercover and inform the Council of the undeads' ploys. The universe depends on him! This is a low-stakes, cozy fantasy story where cats' seemingly unreasonable actions seem to make sense.

Do you want to know more?

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You can listen to BookTuber Varsha (from Reading by the Rainy Mountain) review Unearthed Stories, followed by an interview of our writer, Livia J. Elliot, with Susana Imaginario (author of Wyrd Gods).

Here is a review of Unearthed Stories by Angela (from the BookTube channel Do Unicorns Dream?):

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There is so much soul in this game; the writing, the subtle effects of scene transitions and the hand-drawn artwork - all of it comes together to create a story experience which feels alive. Thank you for sharing you passion!

Well-written, interactive storytelling. All the thrill of a 'choose your own adventure' novel, without trying to hold eight pages open at the same time.

Anna Smith Spark

Author of 'Empires of Dust', and 'A Woman of the Sword'

DANCE WITH ME is a thoughtful exploration of many important themes like identity, depression, and abuse.


BookTuber, Reading by the Rainy Mountain

Unearthed Stories combines the best aspects of storytelling with an interesting, fun and interactive game that will keep you engaged and entertained all the way through.

Susana Imáginario

Author of Wyrd Gords

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